February 2023 Post - What Is... Bipolar_GIMP

What Is… Bipolar!?

Welcome to the fourth post in our online series “What Is…”, where we will explain common mental health related terms and concepts! ??

Bipolar is not just about a having a rapid shift in emotions (e.g., feeling sad, happy and/or angry within a day). People who experience Bipolar can have extreme mood shifts (either high or low) which can last for a week or more and significantly change the way they usually think, feel and behave.

Check out this weeks post learn more about Bipolar disorder!

WMW MH Workshop for Managers Flyer and Post April 2023_GIMP

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop

One of Well Minds Work most requested workshop topics is Managing Metal Health in the Workplace.

This has prompted us to develop an interactive and evidence-based workshop to teach managers of all levels important knowledge and skills to better manage their own and others mental health!

This is a workshop not to be missed for supervisors, managers, and business leaders alike, who are keen to advance their understanding of mental health, and learn how to apply this knowledge in the workplace.

Numbers are limited. In order to secure your spot at this Well Minds Work event please see contact details above, or click on the event link to find out more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/4865955673515886/?ref=newsfeed

We look forward to seeing you for a day of learning, skill building and hopefully some fun!