May 2022 Post 2 - The Eisenhower Model - website

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix

Currently there are many of us with exceptionally high workloads! One way to prioritise tasks in your giant “to do list”, is to use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. To use this model, list your things to do under each category based on how important or urgent they are. Using this approach can help to reduce your workload, make your workload feel less overwhelming, and help you to be more organised in the way you tackle tasks. ???

May 2022 Post 1 - Social Media - website

Stop Scrolling!

Social media can be a great source of connection when we are actively engaged! However, we often get stuck doomscrolling (continued scrolling through negative content and newsfeeds) which can lead to worse sleep and increase symptoms of anxiety and depression. Read above to determine if you need to change up the way you interact with social media!