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Well Minds Work presents Psychology in the Pub (no. 6)!

Psychology in the Pub: A Snapshot into the Science behind Sleep

Good sleep is continually promoted as a key factor in maintaining both physical and mental health, but what exactly does good sleep look like? A snapshot into the science behind sleep will give an overview of what typical sleep looks like, evidence based facts on what constitutes “good” sleep, and debunk common sleep myths! This interactive talk will also provide practical tips on how to improve sleep habits to get a better night’s sleep. The actionable skills you will learn can be immediately implemented at home so you can function more effectively and facilitate better mental health.

This talk is part of a series of “Psychology in the Pub” presentations, where psychologists present on a range of interesting and engaging topics related to mental health and psychological issues. Emma and Jess look forward to welcoming you to a fun and relaxing afternoon of learning!


Presenters: Clinical Psychologists Dr Emma Richardson and Jessica Forward

When: Sunday July 9th – Presentation from 4:00pm-5:00pm

Where: Hobart Brewing Co. 16 Evans Street, Hobart

Tickets: $10 – from

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