Fostering Independence

Well Minds Work get a lot of questions asking how to support children who have anxious temperaments or who may be apprehensive about trying new things.

First of all, it is normal for children to have some anxiety when trying new things! New is scary, as we don’t know what will happen next.

When it comes to our little people, having a safe-base (in us as the adults) and supporting them to be “brave” and try new activities can be so helpful in fostering developmentally appropriate independence. Whether this be encouraging and watching them engage with new play equipment, to attending school, making a new friend or starting a new sport or recreational activity.

When it come to fostering independence we need to support children to try things (when they’re ready) and provide validation for their efforts, encouragement for future attempts and reassurance we will be there for support if they don’t get it quite right the first time.

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