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Well Minds Work and Psychosocial Hazards

Australian organisations are required by Workplace Health and Safety Laws to manage hazards in the workplace. The most recent Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (2022) include a specific requirement for organisations to prevent and manage psychosocial hazards.

A new Code of Practice has been introduced to help guide the prevention and management of psychosocial hazards, which include: high job demand, inadequate reward and recognition of staff, bullying, and many more.

Well Minds Work are now completing Psychosocial Risk Assessments to assist workplaces to identify psychosocial hazards, assess risk, develop initatives to control identified hazards, and review implemented control measures.

Get in contact with us if you are interested in finding out more about how Well Minds Work can help you assess and manage psychosocial hazards!

Image credit: Safe Work Australia

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