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Well Minds Work presents Psychology in the Pub (no. 4)!

Psychology in the Pub: Letting Go of The “I’m Not good Enough Story”

When we turn attention to our mind, we are often delivered self-defeating messages such as: “I’m not smart enough”, “I don’t work hard enough”, or “I’m a terrible mum”. Whenever we hear one of these messages, it is our brains way of telling us: “I’m not good enough’. You may think you are alone in hearing this message, however every person, no matter how successful, beautiful, or wealthy has their own version of the ‘I’m Not Good Enough Story”. Further, all the things we presume may keep this story at bay, including purchased homes, university degrees, prestigious careers, glamourous parties, or holiday adventures cannot stop our mind from informing us of how we are “not (yet) enough”. Come along to “Letting Go of The I’m Not Good Enough Story” to learn how to cope with this story when it inevitably shows up. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and general discussion, as well as actionable tips for managing the “I’m not good enough story”.This talk is part of a series of “Psychology in the Pub” presentations, where psychologists present on a range of interesting and engaging topics related to mental health and psychological issues. Emma and Jess look forward to welcoming you to a fun and relaxing afternoon of learning.


Presenters: Dr Emma Richardson, Clinical Psychogist; Jessica Forward, Psychologist

When: Sunday October 10th – Doors open at 4:00pm, Presentation at 4:30pm

Where: Hobart Brewing Co. 16 Evans Street, Hobart

Tickets: $7 – from

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